The night after my first round of golf was a sleepless one.  I was in 6th grade, a dedicated little league baseball player from Berrien Springs, MI, when a friend’s dad introduced me to the game.  The sheer excitement of my first round kept my mind sparking that first night, each detail of the game circling through my thoughts. As an adult, I can’t say that my enthusiasm for the game has diminished all that much, and my skill and appreciation of the nuances of golf have increased exponentially.

When pressed to verbalize what it is that has catapulted my love of golf into an obsession, it would be difficult to distill that into a few pages.  First of all, the game suits an otherwise subconscious motto that dictates the way I think about most things that I give focus to, and that’s there is always room for improvement.  Golf is a game that can be enjoyed throughout ones lifetime and includes the joys of travel, nature, friendship and challenge.

Although a Michigan native, my family and I currently live in Kansas City where I do my best to fit in time for my career while spending as much time as I can at both Milburn Country Club and Prairie Dunes (a mere 3 hour drive away).  As by now I’m sure you can imagine, most trips are made with a certain golf destination in mind—which I will cheerfully describe and review with all of you. My family and I strictly observe all the major holidays, such as the Masters, the US Open, the British Open, and the PGA Championship (ok and all the other not so major tournaments, but who’s really keeping track?!). Oh, and I have loved Tiger Woods from the first moment I saw him at the Western Amateur at Point O Woods CC in 1994.  If you don’t love Tiger, it’s ok—you will just have to hang in there and agree to disagree.

This blog is dedicated to all things golf, including;  favorite players, favorite courses, course architecture, equipment, and other golf related topics.  It is my hope that my love of the people and particulars of golf will be translated; that you can relate to the thoughts of just a normal guy obsessed with the greatest game ever played.